PLACE One Year Anniversary

It has been one year since PLACE transformed from a motley crew of grumpy
residents struggling with the unlawful short-term lets next door, into a
shiny organised network offering advice, support and lobbying to protect
liveable, affordable communities in Edinburgh (PLACE).

The year has been hard work but it has been worth it for the many successes
of the network. Here are just some of the highlights:

1. Published our recommendations on how to achieve the lawful balance
between short-term lets, and residents’ rights to a peaceful and affordable

2. Taught almost 1400 people how to report unlawful short-term lets in
their buildings and communities supporting numerous successful enforcements.

3. Did our best to speak out for people who couldn’t speak out themselves,
or found themselves falling through the cracks of the planning system.

4. Spoke at public events whenever we could go… Residents Associations,
Community Events, Citizen, Cockburn Society, Radical Indy, City Plan 2030.

5. Tried not to get too sad when Andy Wightman’s Planning Bill amendment
was sabotaged by the Tories (and Airbnb).

6. Got inspired again by the UN’s Leilani Farha to #MaketheShift.

7. Wrote the second most quoted paper in the Scottish Government
Consultation on Short-term Lets.

8. Wrote a second paper for the City Plan 2030 supporting more affordable
housing, accessible housing, sustainable tourism and a city-wide short-term
lets control zone.

9. Established the most comprehensive and up to date summary of case law on
short-term lets case law in Scotland.

10. Shared our ideas, experiences and expertise with some pretty amazing
MSPs, Councillors and Civil Servants who really want to make our city the
best it can be for residents, visitors and responsible businesses who
follow the rules.

If you are not already following PLACE on Twitter or Facebook we hope you
will become part of the network @PLACEEdinburgh, get the knowledge, become
part of the discussion and join us in protecting liveable affordable
communities in Edinburgh.

And if you have not yet submitted your response to the City Plan 2030
consultation, please consider supporting our recommendations.